IAI representatives will pick you up from the hotel early Saturday morning and bring you to Dunhill Multi-Education Centre for your induction day. 

The induction day consists of 4 specific courses that aim to better equip interns with key knowledge and skills necessary to get the most benefit from the placement.

  1. Manual Handling Training: A certified manual handling instructor will lead the training and will issue interns a certificate of completion once the programme is finished. With the nature of the work that interns will be doing on farms, it is important that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to prevent any injury or harm.

  2. Farm Safety Class: This class highlights the potential dangers that interns should be aware of while working during their placement. It teaches safe farming practices and also demonstrates the importance of following these procedures while on placement.

  3. Intercultural Training: The purpose of the training is to ready the interns for any form of ‘culture shock’ that they might experience during their placement. It also introduces the interns to ‘The Irish Farm’; a series of video testimonials from local Irish farmers telling the stories of their farms and also explaining to the intern what exactly they would be doing if placed on with them.

  4. ATV Quad-bike Training: As an added feature of the programme, IAI have teamed up with Quadventure to deliver quad bike training to interns during their placement. This will not take place on the induction day due to time constraints. AI will organise a day where interns will be transported to the training facility in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford to learn the basics of quad bike safety. Upon successful completion of the programme, interns will be accredited with a certificate of completion of a basic introduction to quad operation.


IAI covers the costs of all the courses and classes mentioned above as well as a meal in a traditional Irish pub during the induction day



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